Since the beginning of the 80s we already had the impression that, thanks to what its logo represented, the company could have stood out with success and could have assumed a strong identity in the investigations field.

Our graphic designers had the inspiration and professionalism to design a strong visual communication, creating, through their dedicated work, a trademark/logo, a soul and a company Corporate Identity.

In the original version our logo, regularly registered, depicts a dark outline representing  a man’s face with a hat and, next to it, the registered name of the Company.

That of the man with a hat is a long life: from its furthest origins in Egypt, Greece and Asia, to more modern times when, in Europe, the trend of the elegant hat spread, at first in France and England, and, afterwards, during the Italian fashion trends of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century.

Present in all cultures, the hat is an icon of many meanings, cultural, social and individual; it influences social codes, represents different visions of the world, and it’s a metaphor of the creativity that emanates from the thinking upon which it leans.

“The hat exists because it exists the need of preserving, even only symbolically, the most noble part of a man, the head and therefore his thoughts”.


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