It has been numerous years since our office started working in the field of business and commercial Private Investigations, both in Italy and abroad, giving assistance and cooperating with law firms during the preparation of civil and criminal prosecutions, investigating, gathering evidence, clear proof, testimonies and processing the reports and the documents that need to be enclosed with the acts during the trial. GHOST INVESTIGATIONS & SECURITY is an International group with key expertise in the fields of security, investigations and advanced technology instruments.

The mission of the group is to provide trustworthy services that can aid peace of mind; moreover, we aim to make a real contribution by actively aiding companies in an innovative way.

GHOST INVESTIGATIONS & SECURITY has years of experience and tradition in the field of research. We invest in new technology as we consider innovation the basis of competitiveness and growth, in short, of future success.

The quality of our collaborators, our high professional standards, excellent performance capacities and innovative skills have, over the last ten years, led our company to be one of the few to be assigned important tasks.

GHOST INVESTIGATIONS & SECURITY is aware that technical, economic and professional expertise is closely linked to the responsibility of working for society, contributing to positive, long-term sustainable development that is consistent with environmental demands.

Our offices operate independently in order to best meet market needs which determine that continuous optimization of investigative techniques play a particularly important role.

Pre and post-marriage infidelity verifications, which are among the services provided, can clear up doubts and can often restore peace and harmony in a relationship.

For our group, industrial investigations are also very important in the commercial field. Our long-term cooperation with some of the biggest National and International companies, allows us to protect them and to defend their assets using advanced technological instruments.

Please feel free to contact us for any information required, we would be more than happy to advise on the best solution to meet your requests.


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Switzerland – Tel. +41.435002297

France – Tel. +33. 186261012

Spain – Tel. +34. 931842107

UK Regno Unito – Tel. +44. 2036086407