The business world is notorious for its many dangers both for the company and its managers. Industrial espionage, sabotage, unfair competition, leakage of confidential information and IT data are a constant risk.

Our investigation agency provides protection for Companies, through detection of on-premise and vehicle bugs and wire-tapping equipment. We are also able to safeguard trademarks and products subject to imitation and identify the authors of these illegal acts, with maximum discretion and professionalism.

Moreover, we also contribute significantly to the growth and development of these companies by providing them with information about the origins, the economic and financial positions and the reliability of rival or partner companies.

  • Protection of corporate assets and security.

  • Investigations on unfair competition.

  • Industrial counter-espionage.

  • Protection of registered trademarks and products subject to imitation.

  • Checking professional disloyalty and absenteeism.

  • Statistical surveys on rival companies.

  • Investigations on information crimes and information leakages.

  • Prevention of theft and identification of culprits.


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