Investigations on defence pleas

In legal criminal proceedings the recent law L.D. 397 issued on 7th December 2000 gave the prosecution, or private investigator acting on his behalf (art.391 bis of C.P.P.(penal procedure code)), more power to find favourable court evidence for his client. It also enabled him to start gathering it at the start of the proceedings (within certain limits even before the start as a safety measure)

The results of the investigation activities for the prosecution have equal evidentiary value as those produced by the accusation. It is for this reason that many legal offices turn to Ghost Investigazioni.

  • Personal identification by photographic- videos

  • Investigations finalised to reproducing the sequence of events

  • Technical reports (medical, legal, handwriting comparisons, phonetic, IT, Gathering of documentation, ballistic and accident reports

  • Gathering of documentation(documental evidence)

  • Surveys, inspections and ascertainment of places and things

  • Finding witnesses, interviewing and gathering information summaries


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