corporate investigations

The commercial sector is the one on which it owed the major pitfalls, particularly to the detriment of the companies and their executives. The risks of industrial espionage, sabotage, unfair competition, leaks and secret computer data confidential, unfortunately are on the agenda.

Even the Industrial Surveys for our Institute have a significant value in the commercial sector, because working for many years with the largest national and international companies we provide to their protection, to the defense of their assets, using advanced instrumentation technology.

Our organization, provides for the protection of the Companies, by identifying bugs within the premises and cars, of equipment for telephone interception, also protecting trademarks and products subject to counterfeiting and finally, identifying the authors of such illegality, with confidentiality and professionalism.

We also provide a significant contribution with regard to the development and growth of the companies themselves, informing them about the origins, the economic value – financial – capital adequacy and reliability of competitors or with whom you intend to have collaborations.

  • Defense of trademarks and products subject to counterfeiting;
  • Protecting the heritage and enterprise security;
  • Environmental and telephone debugging
  • Absenteeism;
  • Counterfeit labels;
  • Counterfeit products;
  • Investigations on unfair competition;
  • Investigating cybercrimes and leaks;
  • Counter-espionage
  • Counter-intelligence
  • Controls on infidelities professional;
  • Statistical surveys of competitors;
  • Investigations strategic meetings;
  • Corporate Security Investigations;
  • Investigations on technology security;
  • Intrusion detection systems;
  • Alarm systems and security


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